Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your store?

Novato Shop & Studio is located at 121 W Chestnut St in the city of subdued excitement, Bellingham, WA.


I saw some of your shoes online, how much for those?

They're gone! As one of the main goals of Novato is to create one-of-a-kind pieces of functional/wearable art, virtually every pair of our shoes that you might come across has been commissioned and purchased by another collector and we can't and won't reproduce them. However, get in touch and we can work with you to make something especially for you!


Where are the other artists' things from the shop?

Only in the shop. We've been so lucky to have some truly amazing artists show their stuff at Novato Shop & Studio, but it will be exclusively there. Go to the LINKS page (coming very soon!) to check out some of our talented friends!


I'm an artist that's interested in getting involved with Novato. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We're always on the lookout for new artists, designers, friends, etc. As well as people whose stuff we carry every day, we have a featured artist every month for whom we have a small gallery space and an opening reception for on the first Friday of every month for Art Walk. If you're interested, please send an email to with either a link to your site or some attached images for us to check out. We simply don't have time to respond to everyone but will be in touch if there's workable time and space to get you involved.